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It is important to know the basic types of marble, such as natural, micro and conglomerate. With natural marble stone fireplace designs, it is made of 100% marble cut out, shaped and polished marble quarried from the sheets. They are available in natural colors. Regarding the white marble stone fireplace designs, it is an artificially designed with natural marble and compacted with a resin. The third type is a conglomerate. Again, it is designed for people and large parts of crushed marble and a large variety of colors. Some of the popular colors are antique white, pink, gray, peach, beige, gold and black.Plenty of pampering awaits those with a bathroom stone fireeplac designs. This streamlined see-through stone fireplace designs boast a raised hearth and burner that allows flickering flames to be enjoyed during daily dressings, tub soaks, or bedtime reads. more stone fireplace designs please contact New Home Stone.

-Natural white marble stone fireplace designs
-High polished surface finish
-100% hand carved stone fireplace designs by the natural stone blocks
-creates a stylish,natural look in your room
-Available in any size to suit for your space
-New Home Stone offers many different stone fireplace designs

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