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The Persian rulers of the Middle Ages had elaborate water distribution systems and waterfall fountains in their palaces and gardens. Waterfall fountains were carried by a pipe into the palace from a source at a higher elevation. Once inside the palace or garden it came up through a small hole in a marble or stone ornament and poured into the waterfall fountains or garden channels. The gardens of Pasargades had a system of canals which flowed from basin to the waterfall fountains, both watering the garden and making a pleasant sound. The Persian engineers also used the principle of the syphon, (called shotor-gelu in Persian, literally 'neck of the camel), to create the waterfall fountains which spouted water or made it resemble a bubbling spring. The garden of Fin, near Kashan, used 171 spouts connected to pipes to create the waterfall fountains called the Howz-e jush, or "boiling basin". New Home Stone has many designs waterfall fountains, contact now for more waterfall fountains detail information.

-Natural white marble outdoor waterfall fountains
-100% hand carved marble outdoor waterfall fountains by the natural marble blocks
-The outdoor waterfall fountains size will be customized according to your design
-All the sculpture parts are made by famous sculptor
-The outdoor waterfall fountains create the beautiful garden and value investment

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