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The new Tall Fancy Bathtubs Soaking marble Tubs by NEW HOME STONE presents a unique bathing option that you may not have considered before. TheCool Bathtubs allow you to enjoy soaking vertically providing a satisfyingly deep soak marble tubs.
The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, yet it is also one of the most important: it's where you prepare to face the outside world,and where you return to at the end of the day for an invigorating shower or a luxurious soak . Your bathroom also reflects your personality and style to your guests. So before you start to choose materials and equipments, and certainly before you start works, it's important to ask yourself what you actually want in your bathroom, and how you intend to use the space.
So Time to take seriously about a Fancy Bathtubs that made by Nature Marble stone, It's also the coolest every bathtub you have! Save space and Save time to clean. For More information about Cool bathtubs and Fancy bathtubs, please contact us through Email in the left page, We will send you More catalogue through Email.

-Natural black marble tubs /granite tubs material.
-100% hand carved artist by natural marble/granite stone blocks.
-Creat luxury bathroom and distinguished experience.
-Size and shape is available for custom according to your bathroom design or space.
-All marble tubs are available for customized by other color materials(granite,limestone,travertine,culture marble,etc.)

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