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The MINI 2016 modern black marble bathtubs Soaking Tubs designed by NEW HOME STONE modern bathroom design which is made of black marble.
black Mini tubs for minimal bathroom: 48IN *48IN
It is surprising how little space you need to create a bathroom. The plan here is worked to the minimum dimensions that still enable you to fit a bathtub in. When siting an extra bathroom, keep access in mind, for water and waste,as well as for users.
Choose a Stone Black tubs than normal bathtubs, you will hardly notice the difference when you are in the black tub, you found the space inside the black tubs are so perfect , there's no waste of water at all.
A separate shower stall is not an option, but install a good-quality in-bathtub model.
Start with the Black marble bathtub: Buy the long marble black tubs that will fit the space. If the room is square-shaped, you could alternatively choose a small round black tubs: some measure only 48in * 48 in (1200mm*1200mm).
Plus, A mini black tub is much cheaper than a bigger one, it can save budget a lot. More information and More black granite bathtubs please Email us directly.

-Natural black marble with honed surface finished.
-Round soaking tub with a sit-in-seat from NEW HOME STONE 2014 mordern bathroom design
-Good for women whom have their hair styled and do not have it washed withe water.
-Creates a simple,luxury bathroom,available for matching basins and vanity tops.
-Exceptional quality,suitable for luxury hotels
-Customizable to suit plumbing,room layout and any other considerations


Luxury Design,Top Quality,Always What We Do!
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