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Deep Nature Marble Carved Small Soaking Tub is the hand carved by New Home Stone Company
Small Soaking Tubs For Tiny Bathroom
A small bathroom can be made to work, if it is properly planned and if you know how to make the most of the space. You many face the choice between a bathtub or a shower, or choose instead to install a wet room, a fully watertight walk-in enclosure. But We are telling you that you don't need to cut the Bathtub , What's the fun and relaxing if A bathroom without a soaking relaxing tubs?
If you want a bathtub, consider replacing the existing one with a shorter model to free up space. There are also models with narrower-than-normal foot ends that might work for you . Even if your space for a bathtub or soaking tubs are only a corner, Don't worry, Just send us the dimension of your corner and layout of your bathroom, we could make a corner nature stone soaking tubs according to your bathroom layout!
A conventional bathtub is not good for a tiny bathroom, A standard bathtub is going to be 72in(1800mm)long, in a small tiny bathroom ,your bathtub will take most of your space, So using Small Custom Soaking tubs for Tiny Bathroom can save the space to an leakproof fiberglass one-piece walk-in shower. (Most off-the-shelf models have trays that are 48in wide, so will fit a small tiny bathroom space.)
More Prompt Small Soaking Tubs For Tiny Bathroom Please Email us , So many fancy nature stone material and nature stone color is ready for you!

-Material:Stylish natural white carrara marble for small soaking tub.
-Raised back for comfort,the soaking tub is good for women whom have their hair styled and do not have it washed in the water.
-Customizable according to your unique designs, For corner, small space,Tiny Bathroom
-Exquisite quality for the luxury hotel bathroom,custom extra large soaking tub or small soaking tubs.
-Several stylish colors available,including White Marble with Grey Veins,Black Marble with White Veins,Beige Travertine,Brown Marble,Gray Granite,Yellow Marble and many more


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