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Generally bathroom have limited space available so it is really important to choose the designer bathroom sinks that don’t make the room feel too cramped. designer bathroom sinks are a great idea, as are countertop designer bathroom sinks – choose the best space-saving basin that you can find. designer bathroom basins are available in all manner of different shapes, styles, colours and designs so don’t compromise – you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for if you are persistent. The designer bathroom sinks are sure to make a stunning feature in any bathroom. A textured of travertine band midway up the designer bathroom sinks add interest to the otherwise honed surface of this guaranteed talking point.The layout of the Cosmo Basin allows the waste to be plumbed either straight down or through an opening to the rear. The luxury designer bathroom sinks have considerable weight so please be aware of this when considering both installation and delivery.

-Natural travertine designer bathroom sinks
-Honed surface finished with the natural holes surface
-Standard size 38CM*38CM*40CM. the travertine designer bathroom sinks are available in any size to suit your space.
-100% hand carved natural travertine designer bathroom sinks by travertine blocks
-Faucet hole and drain hole cut out according to your design
-Creates a luxurious,natural look in the bathroom
-Matching bathtub available with the natural travertine designer bathroom sinks
-Exceptional quality natural travertine designer bathroom sinks suitable for luxury hotels


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