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Rose Quartz Bathtub

Rose Quartz Bathtub

Rose Quartz Bathtub

Rose Quartz Bathtub

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What is the different between Rose Quartz Bathtub and a pink onyx bathtub

Quartz is a stone that holds a lot of similarities to granite It is virtually indestructible. Onyx is an elegant, translucent stone that is rare and exclusive in its availability. Onyx can be known to be fragile and require more upkeep,So Rose quartz bathtub is more solid and onyx bathtub is more translucent stone.

What is the value of a Rose Quartz Bathtub?

Rose Quartz Bathtub is highly valuebale, I can price around 1 million US dollor. However, A Onxy pink bathtub is same valuebale, add up value to house, but the price is far more resonable. It is as rare as quartz, but because the place of origin is located in China, so the price of a pink onyx bathtub is range from 40,000 to 200,000 US dollor according the raw onyx block.

How rare are Rose Quartz Bathtub or Pink onyx bathtub?

Both Quartz and Onyx are very rare, they are natural translucent stone from earth. The resource are also limited. special if you want to find a big enough block of pure onyx or quartz to carve to a bathtub

Why NHS produce the best rose quartz bahttub and pink onyx bathtub?

Through the onyx block, we can see its consistency in colour, translucency and coldness to touch, with few black or white veining fading into the pink colour. Usually onyx materials have high water absorption which means the onyx is fragile and easily been stained, however, this pink onyx has a lower water absorption compared with the other onyx materials. So it’s good for interior decoration, especially for bathtub which will be used in moist environment. But the surface still needs to be sealed by waterproof coating. Usually we protect the Rose pinks onyx bathtub surface by waxing after brushing 3 layers waterproof coating.

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