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Stone Bathtub for children
Problem: The Stone bathtub is too deep for your athletic children
Parents want to have a leisurely soak in the luxury marble stone bathtub, so does your baby !
How to make yourself relax and also make sure your children relax next to you ?
Prepare one big bathtub and one small bathtub ? but how can be sure the same bathtub are same style?
The game plan: Design a bathtub by yourself , It could looks like a boat, or a car! choose the same color , I mean stone material, either both carrara white or black marble whatever! Draw down on paper according to your size and your children’s size .
Send email to us with your drawing , we will custom according to your size and shape! You could make your bathroom a creative Room , with a nature stone carved bathtub and sinks, basin, the classic art could last forever! More about Bathtub manufactures

-Natural black limestone freestanding baths
-Honed surface finished
-Oval freestanding baths creates a luxurious bathroom for you.
-100% hand carved from the finest of materials
-Standard Size:68"*31"*23".Available in any size to suit your space
- Available in any size to complete the interior design of the bathroom
-More bathtubs and freestanding baths design ideas from NHS


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