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Marble Bathtub Customized


What is Customized Marlbe Bathtub? When we mentioned a Customzied Marble bathtub, We are talking about an Natural Stone Sculptor! We Cut a Soaking tub from an Natural Stone Block! We all are fan of Bathtub! We may not noticed, but the most time we spend at home were spent at bathroom. If you decorate a lovely new home or a renovated bathroom, the first and best investment should be a bathtub.
Most of the bathtub are made by Model, They are same color , same style, same size! Like an solder standing in an army. Plus, There is no innovation at all.
That is why we recommend a marble bathtub to your new bathroom. We are a factory located in China. We have many 10-year experienced skilled sculptors make the unique natural stone bathtub for you!
Not only your Soaking tub is an carved crafts, but also it is unique in the world because there is no idential stone in the world! Each stone are unique, have unqiue veins , color, story!
If you choose a customized marble bathtub, you are chooseing a characteristic bathing style !
How to purchse a Marble Bathtub from China? Wherever you are! my friend ! We have more than 10 years experience in Carving Marble Bathtub and Shipping it to the whole world, If you are interested in a natural stone bath tub soaking tub, please email us and we will confirm the type, color,drawings of a stone bathtub with you then guide you how to make an order. please noticed that all stone bathtub are customized natural stone products. we need to communicate with you through email or telephone , confirm all details including bathroom drawing,home address,then we can begin to produce.

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